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September 17th, 2013

We had an incredible summer traveling both east and west, with trips to Stowe, Vermont, driving the “Kanc” in New Hampshire, enjoying the cosmopolitan city of Montreal, Quebec, exploring Lava Beds National Monument and Mount Shasta, CA, and “I think we’re on another planet” in John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. Once again we are enthralled by the diverse geography of the United States.

Fall Foliage Scenic Drives

Vermont 100 during the Fall

Summer may be over, but nature’s colorful display and fall bounty is a great reason to get outdoors. Here are a few suggested drives perfect for leaf-peeping. Check local news sources for the estimated peak show in your region.

Fee Free Day: Sept. 28

The U.S. Forest Service is offering a fee-free day on Sept. 28 in conjunction with the 20th annual National Public Lands Day! Get outdoors and enjoy America’s natural wonders!

Want to participate in the nation’s largest, single-day volunteer effort for public lands? Find a site near you:

Our Newest Scenic Drive: The Journey Through Time Scenic Byway

Painted Hills

If you’re interested in geology, fossils and history, then this drive is for you. Discover the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument in Oregon along the Journey Through Time Scenic Byway as a destination or added to your road trip.

New Features to our Road Trip Planner

We’re always improving our Road Trip Planner to better meet your needs.

We’ve recently released another option to our time scheduling capabilities: the ability to schedule your arrival time to a stop. To use this feature, first enable “Use Start Times” in your trip settings under the Days Tab, and then set your destination schedule accordingly.

If you own Co-Pilot software for computer or mobile device, you can now export your Road Trip to your device without the use of a converter.

Start planning your dream trips now!

May 22nd, 2013 RoadPreview

Experience your road trips like never before with our newest feature. RoadPreview allows you to watch every twist and turn of your road trip plan from your desktop — creating a visual tour using satellite imagery. How cool is that? It’s also an opportunity to armchair travel, exploring places you haven’t yet seen.

Give it a test drive by selecting RoadPreview under the File menu on the Road Trip Planner, or by clicking the link on each of our pre-planned scenic drives.

May 21st, 2013

We’re always tinkering with our Road Trip Planner to make it the most comprehensive and powerful tool for road trip planning. Here’s a list of key enhancements:

Keyboard Shortcuts

We’ve added the keyboard shortcuts which you have come to love to our Road Trip Planner. Now quickly Open, Print, Undo (Z), Redo (Y), and Find just by pressing the Control (or Apple button on Macs) and the appropriate bold letter.

Configure Start Times

Add in your Start Time to have the time displayed throughout your directions. This gives you a clearer idea of when you will arrive at each destination and better plan activities, meals and even schedule your stops based on time!


For the road warriors out there, is proud to release a new feature called Layers. It allows you to display your other road trips on your current road trip plan. With all of your road trips on one map, you can:

  • Take a screenshot and show your friends and family where you have been
  • Avoid roads already taken
  • Plan around weather by creating a few different Road Trip options depending on conditions

Fullscreen Mode

Create your trip using the maximum space available on your desktop’s screen. If you are using a modern web browser, simply click on the “Fullscreen” menu item just above the map on our Road Trip Planner. And to return to your regular screen, just click it again.

Improved Mobile Road Trip Planner

We have updated our Mobile Road Trip Planner with a new look, giving you more space to focus on your road trip.

And now, with a touch of a button, easily install our Road Trip Planner on your IPhone or Android. Learn more in our Documentation or follow the instructions displayed when using our Road Trip Planner.

Improved Garmin Support

If your Garmin GPS supports multi-point trip routing, we’ve updated our Garmin support to take advantage of the newer devices and firmware versions.

Got an RV? Pulling a Trailer?

Chances are you will be driving a bit slower for both your personal safety and that of fellow travelers. now allows you to select your driving speed so that your daily time estimates are on-track.

To enable this feature, go to your Trip Settings, and under the Directions tab, adjust the Driving Speed.

Improved Printed Directions

For multi-day trips, we now have a daily overview map in addition to your full trip map. If you want to conserve paper, simply uncheck the Daily Maps in the Print Options.

And don’t forget that also has Turn-by-Turn Maps available for your printable directions. Select “Include Turn By Turn Maps” in the Print Options.

When available, we’ve also include addresses and phone numbers so you have everything at your fingertips!


We’ve enhanced our Windows Tablet support, added a bevy of EV charging options, created the ability to edit the To Do List with your own items, expanded our support for International Users, improved hotel search and usability, and so much more. Keep your suggestions and comments coming as it helps us to prioritize features. Thank you so much for being part of our community!

March 29th, 2013

Today we’re celebrating the 3rd birthday of! We’ve grown — now featuring hundreds of scenic drives in 29 states. Our Road Trip Planner has helped plan trips all over the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Wow! We are truly appreciative of your support, suggestions, questions, shares, tweets and likes that have helped us make getting there more than half the fun! Thank you!

March 11th, 2013

Five Fabulous Funky Florida Drives

Castillo de San Marcos National Monument

Just in time for spring break. The Sunshine State — from glistening quartz sand beaches and emerald green water to lush forest, swamps and marshes. Or a delicate string of barrier islands to rare coastal lakes. We’re excited to launch these latest scenic drives in Florida that offer such a bountiful experience. So much to see and do — explore state parks, wildlife refuges, historic forts, discover unique tropical flora and fauna and partake in recreation galore. The possibilities are endless. Explore now.

April 22-26 — Free Entrance To Our National Parks

We are so fortunate to have more than 84 million acres of incredible treasures in the United States National Parks System. And best of all — during National Park Week — they’re free!

Not many of us can say they’ve been to all 58 National Parks or 25 National Battlefields, Battlefield Parks, Sites and Military Parks or 125 National Historic Parks and Sites or 4 National Lakeshores, 187 Memorials, Monuments, Parks, Parkways, Preserves, Reserves and Recreation Areas, 5 National Rivers and 10 Wild and Scenic Rivers and Riverways or 3 National Scenic Trails or 21 National Seashores and Other Designations but we sure can try! Start creating your bucket list of must see’s.

Get The Most Out Of Our Free Road Trip Planner

We’ve expanded our Road Trip Planner’s time zone capabilities. Our planning tools have always informed you if your trip was crossing a time zone, but with our latest update, the directions will show the exact step where. Which time zone you’re in and how much time ahead or behind will also be noted. For best results, be sure to enter your trip’s start date under the Trip Settings.

We have been posting Road Trip Planner Tips on our Facebook page.
Here’s Tip #4 and a roundup of previous posts.

Road Trip Planner TIP #1
Always mobile-friendly — which means we go where you do! Plan, edit, share, get turn-by-turn directions – no app and no software installation required. Supporting IPhone, IPod Touch, Android, and Windows Phone, and of course, all of your tablets.
Road Trip Planner TIP #2
If you’re planning a large trip with many stops, use our Route Optimizer to automatically find the most efficient route between your first and last stop. From “Map” (within the green band above the actual map), select to Optimize by Distance or by Time. Of course you can make changes afterwards to best suit your travel needs.
Road Trip Planner TIP #3
Add a Start Date in Road Trip Settings. Having the actual dates in place makes it easier to keep track of your trip, book accommodations and coordinate with family and friends along the way. Added bonus — you can also export your trip to your Calendar! Start planning your dream now.
Road Trip Planner TIP #4
Don’t forget to check out our preplanned scenic drives and recommended stops and add them to your Road Trip Plan. They’re designed to inspire and encourage you to get outdoors and enjoy nature, partake in recreational activities and explore places of historic and cultural interest. Not decided when or where you’ll really go? No worries — save your favorites to your account profile simply by adding it to “My Drives”. Then one day…..

Thank You For Your Support!

This month marks the third anniversary of We couldn’t do it without you. We appreciate all of the feedback, questions, and suggestions which have helped make better! We are continually growing — now featuring drives in 29 states and developing our tools to make your trip planning simple and fun. We have many more roads to travel we hope you’ll continue this journey with us.

December 17th, 2012

Traveling in winter calls for extra attention to the road and weather conditions. Here are some tips to help you get to your destination safely.

  • Make sure your car is tuned up and you have a full tank of gas before heading out.
  • Depending on where you are, winter tires, chains and snow brush may be needed.
  • Plan your route in advance using our free Road Trip Planner
  • Check weather and road conditions before departure.
  • Allow extra time to get there. Don’t speed and leave ample time for braking.
  • Have high energy healthy snacks and water on hand.
  • On long trips, take regular rest stops. Even a five minute break will make a difference.
  • Keep a flashlight and blanket in the car for emergencies year-round.
  • If your car is stuck, stay in/with your vehicle. Make sure there is no snow or debris blocking your exhaust pipe to prevent carbon monoxide from entering the vehicle.
  • Don’t drive if you’re tired or intoxicated. We offer great deals on lodging — whether it’s a last minute decision or planned in advance.
August 1st, 2012
Pemaquid Lighthouse

With summer vacations in full swing, we have been busy updating the site and have just published two extraordinary scenic drives in Maine, the vacationland state. Shaped by glaciers and frequented by great American presidents including Franklin D. Roosevelt, Maine offers a limitless array of outdoor activities, puffins, whales, and miles of breathtaking ocean coastline. Start your adventure now.


We recently added thousands of campgrounds to our data base, and now you can search for them on any scenic drive or place of interest (previously campgrounds were only available on our Road Trip Planner). Simply click the Campground checkbox under the map and campground locations will appear.

In the news

We do not usually say much about the people behind, but recently, founder, Eric Theriault, was interviewed by GeekWire.

New in our Road Trip Planner

We love the ways you have found to use our Road Trip Planner. Not only for getaways — we’ve seen amazing road trips planned for cross-country college tours, baseball stadium tours, honeymoons and more.

We are humbled and inspired by your road trips and appreciate the many tips and comments. This month, we release two major features in our Road Trip Planner thanks to your constructive feedback.

The City Suggester

One of the features our users love is how our Road Trip Planner quickly divides your trip into manageable days. Finding the perfect stopping point varies from person to person, and sometimes from stop to stop. To customize your stop, we now have a City Suggester which locates cities and towns along your route, allowing you to choose an alternate as your overnight stop.

To use this feature, go to the Directions Menu in the Road Trip Planner, and click on the city selected for your overnight. A side panel will open highlighting alternate nearby cities and towns. Simply click on the Add button on your desired city or town to incorporate the stop into your route.

Export to your Calendar

If you are one of the many people who use smartphone calendars, you will love our newest feature: exporting your trip to your Calendar!

To use this feature, first enable the Start Date of your trip under Trip Settings. Once that is done, click the File menu above the map and select “Export to Calendar”. We then generate an iCalendar file which can be used in most popular software, including Google Calendar.

May 19th, 2012
Road trip season is here!

Road tripping season is here and we’ve been busy adding awesome new features to make your trip planning even easier. Here are the highlights.

Electric Vehicle Support

Nervous about where to charge on long trips? Our Electric Vehicle Support locates EV charging stations along your route and with a simple click, you can add them to your road trip plan, get turn-by-turn directions and incorporate the charge time into your daily itinerary. Now just relax and enjoy the ride.

Got Campgrounds? We do!

One of the features most requested by users is to have campground locations on our Road Trip Planner. Today, we’re happy to be releasing a public-beta test. We still have a lot more campgrounds to add, but we wanted to get this feature out as soon as possible. Please let us know how it’s working for you.

Planes, Trains, and more!

Imagine your road trip has you leaving from home and heading first to an airport, or perhaps a segment of your road trip includes a train ride. You can now add these to your Road Trip Plan as a Non-Driving Destination. Select Add a Destination and then Non-Drive to enter airport codes, train stations or addresses of start and end locations as well as travel time, and we’ll seamlessly provide directions!

Manage your Budget

Manage your road trip budget.

We’ve always calculated your fuel costs, but now you can manage your entire trip budget by entering a daily spending amount and/or costs for meals, entertainment or lodging associated with each stop.

Managing Days

Dividing your trip into manageable days is a user favorite. We’ve added a new section to our documentation to help you get up-and-running faster using this practical tool. Full details here.

One of our new features is Non-Stop Drives. Available on the Schedule Tab of all destination properties, you can now specify that the driving period from one stop to another should not be divided, no matter how long the drive is. This can be useful for days where you aiming to get as close as you can to your destination before stopping. Of course we recommend driving no longer than 8 hours a day. See our driving tips.

A related feature is the ability to turn off dividing the days completely. This is useful when you want to concentrate on the roads you are traveling on rather than the daily driving details. Go to the Trip Properties Day tab to enable and disable this feature.

Hotel Updates

We offer great hotel rates around the globe. Enjoy the convenience of our Hotel Prices in Euros and British Pounds, as well as United States Dollar and Canadian Dollar.

In addition, simplify your planning with our new Potential Hotels feature. After searching through our hotel database in the Road Trip Planner, add some of the possibilities to your trip. When you’re ready, just finalize and book — all in one place. Along with highly competitive rates, you get your confirmation, accommodation details and turn-by-turn directions incorporated into your itinerary.

Printing Enhancements

Road Trip Planner Print Options

We are continually refining our Printing and Exporting abilities. One of our major features is the ability to print the Day Markers, allowing a clear visual of where you will be spending each night. We’ve also added a font-size adjustment tool on the printing screen.

Importing Road Trip Itineraries

When planning long trips or collaborating with others on trip planning, you might be working on portions of a trip separately — but how do you bring all those pieces together? Select the Import Road Trip feature and automatically import all of the unique stops from one trip into the current trip.

Coupled with our Save As functionality, this is a quick and easy way to plan and collaborate with family and friends.

Importing GPS Files

We have made it even easier to import your routes from popular GPS software by auto-detecting the file extension.

In addition to improving our Comma-Separated Values (CSV) importer, we have also added support for Tab-Separated Values (TSV). These file formats are useful to quickly integrate with other tools.

Export to GPS Updates

If you’re using the Garmin Communicator Plugin to export our trips onto your GPS, you will note that we have recently upgraded our software to use the latest and greatest Garmin Communicator Plugin. Don’t worry, the upgrade is free and simple to do.

In our last post, we introduced a feature called Path Compression which removes some of the detail in our exported file-formats, making it easier for certain GPS units to follow our directions. Since then, we’ve added a new Path Compression called “Just Stops” which only export your exact stops.

And as noted above, we’ve added support for exporting Tab-Separated Files to new tools.

Enhancing Tablet Support

We have supported IPad for a while and have recently added support for Android Tablets. Simply direct your favorite web browser to and enjoy. For Android Tablets, best results are achieved in full-screen mode, such as in the Dolphin Browser.

Love to Share?

If you love to share your road trips with family and friends, easily keep them up-to-date with any changes you make by using your browsers auto-complete. Most modern web browsers will display this information if you double click within the Share’s e-mail box.

General News

Free myscenicdrives caps cap

Thank you to all our users for your support and feedback. To show our appreciation, we’re giving away a myscenicdrives cap in a random drawing every time we reach another 100 Facebook likes until the end of August. If you’re not a Facebook user, send us an e-mail at to be automatically entered. The first one went out to Julie M. in Monrovia CA at 4000. Who’s next?

What — no app?

Our entire site has always offered all the features you love in our desktop version, slimmed down to a full-screen, touch-friendly interface in your mobile web browser. Plan, edit, share, and get directions on the go — as usual, with no software installation or updates.

Forest passes

It’s road trippin’ and hiking season. If you need a forest pass, we’ve got you covered. Pacific Northwest National Forest, Southern California Forest Adventure Pass, Arizona’s Tonto National Forest and Coconino National Forest’s Red Rock Country, New Hampshire White Mountain National Forest and if your travels take you far and often, the cost-effective America the Beautiful.

Have happy and safe summer travels!

March 29th, 2012

Two years ago today, was launched. We began with many drives in Washington State where we’re based, a few in Oregon, and a grand vision. A lot of miles, maps, research, and picnics later we’re proud to feature drives in 25 states and are continuing to make the go to website for all your road trip planning needs.

We’ve had an exciting year with many new developments. Here are four highlights:

  • Hooray for our 25th state, Rhode Island. This small ocean state has a rich cultural heritage, stunning natural beauty and diverse wildlife. Oh and did we mention the seafood?
  • We released a comprehensive Road Trip Planner, which allows you to plan your road trip adventures throughout the world, seamlessly dividing your trip into manageable driving days, providing you with GPS and printed directions (including Turn-by-Turn directions), and a mobile-friendly interface to perfect your trip wherever you are.
  • We’re proud of coverage in the LA Times, the Kim Komando Show, and other media.
  • We’re grateful to our many Facebook fans and website and road trip planner users, who have given us positive feedback, suggestions suggestions, and notified us of problems which ultimately made the site better.

We have more interesting features planned for the next several months and are always adding scenic drives.

Thanks for using!

January 12th, 2012

Hopefully getting out more often was one of your New Year’s resolutions? Discover a nearby destination, take a weekend getaway to that special somewhere you’ve always wanted to see, and like many of our users, begin planning your summer road trip!

It’s never been easier using our Road Trip Planner! We hope you enjoy all our new features.

Path Compression

You ask, we listen. This feature was requested by many users to use with Export to GPS, simplifying the routes exported to your GPS. Choose from three options:

  • Normal: Export turn-by-turn GPS directions.
  • Start and Finish: just the start and finish of your stops and your days.
  • Half Point and Merge: merges all directions less than the selected distances, and then exports the half points of your long routes to direct you more efficiently onto highways and intersections.

Adding Destinations

Entering an address has never been easier now with our new Add Destination interface.

You’re going to love our simplified interface. Just click Add Destination below your last stop to add addresses, search for destinations, nearby stops and more.

Do you use address book management software? More than likely it supports a vCard format which you can now upload to our Road Trip Planner saving some copy-’n-pasting. To import, select File and select Import Address from VCard.

Enhanced Hotels Features

Finding a hotel on is more responsive and faster.

Now you can add hotels booked on by phone to your Road Trip Plan. Just select your reservation from Add Travel Accommodations.

And for your convenience, we’ve added more payment options.

Undo and Redo

The Road Trip Planner has integrated Undo and Redo making it easy to explore.

Have you ever wanted to try out options in our Road Trip Planner didn’t want to lose what you already created? Worry no more! We’ve added Undo and Redo for most operations throughout our Road Trip Planner, making it a cinch to restore your trip back to the way it was.

Activities Updates

Jot down ideas of what you are planning to do within an area with our Activities Feature, now available on iPad!

Just one click on Add Activity is a quick and easy way to add destinations, places of interests and personal notes to a stop. And best of all, it now works on iPad!

Cost per Liter Support

Using the metric system? We’ve added support for liters in our gas calculator and Road Trip Planner.

Support for Importing and Exporting CSV

Our Road Trip Planner now supports importing and exporting of Comma-Separated Files, commonly known as CSV. Customize your column layout using our CSV Import and Export tools.

Using CSV for one of our scenic drives? Just add the Scenic Drive to a Road Trip and then use our GPS Exporter to generate the CSV file you need.

We love feedback!

If there’s anything we can improve or change to make it easier to plan your trip, please e-mail us. Happy and safe travels!